Institute of learning workshops

The Institute of Learning offers a wide range of professional learning opportunities through workshops. Each is an extended study in a particurlar aspect and designed for impact in the classroom and school.

Below are the upcoming series of workshops:

Date Time Location Topic Introduction
13th Apr 9am -12pm Wellington College International Hangzhou Co-planning and differentiation Establish effective mechanisms for co-planning leading to a shared understanding of the profile of learners. This to drive differentiated learning opportunities for all.
The session will comprise a balance of content input along with practical application; i.e. actually planning together for an upcoming phase of learning  (1 week or more)
Followed up by leaders through monitoring and pupil progress meetings
29th Apr 4pm – 6pm Huili School Shanghai Middle Leadership This programme delves into the leadership of people, teams and learning. Picking up on the themes introduced through the developing emerging leaders programme and drawing on experience, participants develop plans for a learning focused application project that will be implemented in school after the training. The aim is to put into practice the content from the course through a high impact project. Progress is supported through access to resources and through the professional learning community available through the programme.
15th May
24th Apr 4pm – 6pm Huili School Shanghai Research Method The aim of this module is to empower educators to make evidence informed decisions and not rely directly on policy, fad or unsupported assertions. The module also provides the tools to evaluate the impact of interventions and strategies implemented at a class, department or whole school level.
The desired outcomes for the module are:
1. Establish the importance of evidence-based practice
2. Introduce the principles of research methodology
3. Apply the principles to a given case study
4. Plan to implement a research project
The product from each research project will be presented as a final report that will be considered for publication in a the Journal of International and bilingual education that is reviewed by Durham University.
8th May
29th Apr 4pm – 6pm Huili School Shanghai English across the curriculum This programme comprises three workshops which aim to develop a working knowledge of the theory and research behind language acquisition and explores strategies that can be used to develop English language acquisition:
• Language Development the Big Picture
• Planning for Language: Strategies, tools and approaches to meet the linguistic needs of learners
• How can every teacher be a language teacher?
Participants will determine how the different language development theories inform whole-school strategy and practice in the classroom. They will explore the different language modes and will be equipped with practical tools and strategies to audit, plan for and integrate content and language to meet diverse pupil needs. Participants will be given practical classroom strategies to develop, assess and review receptive and language skills in each of the four skill areas. EAL and CLIL strategies are supported through access to resources and through the professional learning community available through the programme.
15th May
24th Apr 4pm – 6pm Huili School Shanghai Early Years: Characteristics of Effective Learning This series of 3 workshops will explore the essential role of the adult in early years education through the discussion and sharing of evidence-based theories and practical examples of the most effective ways to teach this younger age group.
The desired outcomes of the module are:
1. Establish how adults need to be and act to lead and support all aspects of early child development
2. Routines and planning systems to reflect the key principles of how best young children learn
3. A comprehensive review of the effectiveness of interventions with young children and an increased confidence in getting the right balance between child and adult initiated learning
Participants will have opportunities to share and document the impact of the changes they make in teaching approaches and how they present their learning resources as well as considering how to share outcomes with the wider school community.
7th May
14th May
25th Apr 4pm – 6pm Huili School Shanghai Effective assessment for learning No introduction
9th May
23rd May

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