A Unique Chance to Meet Leading Educators from UK and China!

As an educator, have you ever thought about how best to enhance children’s wellbeing and involvement?
As an educator, would you benefit from learning about how to design, implement and improve assessment?
As an educator, do you aspire to improve leadership learning and teaching in your school?

On 19th October, 2019, there will be an opportunity to find professional answers to the questions above at the Inspiring Learning Forum, with the aim of generating learning and discussion between a professional learning community in Shanghai and beyond. The event is free of charge and open to educators from international, bilingual and Chinese school systems.

Hosted by Huili Institute of Learning, 2019 Inspiring Learning Forum will have professors from Durham University, UK and the University of Nottingham Ningbo China, all world leaders in education. Participants will have an opportunity to attend keynote speeches and take part in master class and seminars designed to directly impact teaching and learning.

In previous Inspiring Learning Conferences, more than 350 educators from China and beyond completed the CPD programmes; 93% of whom directly applying professional learning to enhance leadership, teaching and learning.

“The workshops in the conference inspired me to change my current teaching practice. It inspired me to establish a new perspective on teaching and learning. When I returned to school the next Monday, I implemented plans for changing current practices.”

// Attend 2019 Inspiring Learning Forum free of charge, and you will get: //

1. Access to a vibrant professional learning community and exchange ideas with educators from various backgrounds
2. A certificate upon completing the professional learning programme offered by Huili Institute of Learning (electronic version)
3. Discounts for other programmes offered by Huili Institute of Learning

Free registration with limited seats!

Dialogue with Leaders in Education

Professor Rob Coe
Durham University, UK

· Robert Coe was Professor at the School of Education and Director of the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM) at Durham University, UK. CEM is the largest educational research centre in the UK and has provided assessment and monitoring systems to many thousands of schools. Over a million children take CEM assessments every year in more than 40 countries.
· Rob currently serves as a director for the Education Endowment · Fund which leads research that has influenced education

Professor Anwei Feng
University of Nottingham Ningbo China

· Anwei Feng is Professor of Language Education and Director of Doctorate Programmes in the School of Education, the University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC).
· He has had teaching and research experience in many countries and regions including China, Qatar, Hong Kong, Singapore and the UK. His research areas include bi-/tri-/multi-lingualism, bi-/tri-/multi-lingual education, and intercultural studies in education.

Doctor Ahmed Hussain
Executive Director of Huili Institute of Learning

· Tens of years’ experience in educational research, teaching and learning, educational management. For instance, researcher in the University of Nottingham, and lecturer in the Durham University, leadership in schools in the UK, UAE and China.

Professor Ros Roberts
Durham University, UK

· Senior Lecturer, Honorary Fellow in the School of Education with expertise and science education that has transformed policy, practice and qualifications across the UK.
· Her current research is into the concepts of evidence and their role in developing understanding in open-ended investigations, argumentation, scientific literacy and social science research. It is relevant to both university and school curricula.

Mr. Richard Ballard
RAHA International School, Dubai

· Head of Technology Integration, in the leading international school in Abu Dhabi
· Previously he has worked as a classroom teacher in the UK, Canada, China and Abu Dhabi. He became interested in technology as a tool to help all learners in his class to access resources and to find innovative ways to present their knowledge and understanding. He is constantly looking for ways to help simplify the world of technology for all educators.

Other experts from Wellington College China are Simon Ruscoe-Price, Director of Academics (English), Fiona Carter, Director of Academics (Early Years), Suisui Yu, Director of Academics (Chinese), Barbara Lubaczewska, Director of Academics (ITE).

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