Extensive pedagogy and practice training modules

High status programmes*
Leadership SLT Specific Strategic planning and systems leadership input. Personal and team co-planning for implementation of a whole-school project; supported by coaching meetings at key points during implementation.
Preparing for SLT Self-audit informs personalised desired outcomes for the training and forms the basis of leadership project.
Lead for Impact
Leading from Middle Input on 3 core apsetcs of school leaders: Self as leader, leading people and teams and leading learning.
Monitor for excellence and school self evaluation Input that includes guidance in best practices (Coe et al. 2017), practical/modeling and implementation planning. Review session to evaluate impact.
Coaching Intro to coaching and mentoring Introduce four core skills and the GROW model supported with practical approaches to applying the skills.
Teacher Getting the most from PLCs Introduce professional learning approaches, developing the most pertinent approach and implementing it. Includes an impact presentation
Effective pedagogy and practice Planning for learning, informed differentiation and effective assessment; current research themes and practical applications including action plan for implementation
EYs specific pedagogy and practice Initial meeting with EYs leaders to agree a focus, including initial learning walk. Input on focus supported with practical/modeling of implmenetating best practices. Learning walks to support EYs team in evaluating progress against focus area.
Developing 21st century skills Practical approaches to defining, promoting and assessing 4 C’s. Gap task for implementing and evaluating impact of a specific strategy.
Assessment and moderation Establish the current research position on assesment. Provide practical approaches to moderation and support in planning.
Personalising learning Using evidence informed practices to stretch and challenge all children. Practical approach using current assessment data.
Making pastoral provision effective Principles and practices around effective pastoral work; focus on strategic priority and co-plan for implementation.
Language across the curriculum Practical strategies for promoting input and out aspect of languages.
Supporting learning Input on core theory, practical/modeling and review of evidence of impact. Includes input and feedback from class teachers.
HLTA Leading Learning Work towards meeting specific standards via portfolio and observations.