The Institute of Learning has been established to provide professional learning solutions that empower educators and leaders to deliver an education that is at the forefront of innovation and development. The Institute of Learning aims to contribute to the development of education in China and beyond through high impact professional learning.

As a passionate and experienced team of experts, the Institute of Learning has a proven track record in China through its work with Wellington College China and Huili schools in supporting high standard practice in education and operational function. We are now seeking to develop education across China more broadly.

Educators from private/bilingual and international schools

Teachers and leaders in the public school sector

Leaders and teachers from existing schools and those in the planning and development phase

Comprehensive consultancy work for organisations with projects in the start-up phase. This includes academic planning along with all aspects of developing non-academic functions

Consultancy work with established schools and school groups to assist the senior leaders in realising strategic priorities

Certified teacher training

Leadership training and development programmes designed for impact

Curriculum development, pedagogy and practice for teachers

Professional learning and training opportunities will be provided directly to schools and school groups, through workshops and conferences.

A leader, teacher or teaching assistant can apply directly to take part in a workshop or attend a conference.

Please use the link below to register for an upcoming workshop or conference event.(please click here for further enquiries and registration)

The Institute of learning offers two pathways for teacher training, each designed to be personalised and meet the needs of trainees. Both teacher training programmes are operated in partnership with Durham University in the UK and provide internationally recognised qualifications. All practical placements will be in a Wellington College China, Huili or excellent partnership school.

Durham University is the leading University in the UK and internationally for education.

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS)

The structure and content of QTS focuses entirely on professional practice and has developed by Wellington College China and quality assured by Durham University. It is essential that trainees satisfactorily satisfy 8 standards set out in the professional component in order to meet the requirements for QTS.

The standards used to gauge performance of a trainee are aligned to professional standards used by training teachers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Evidence against all the standards will be recorded in a portfolio and reflective journal through set tasks that build up during the programme.

Post Graduate Certificate in the study of Education (PGCE)

This component is delivered directly by the School of Education, Durham University. It comprises 2 MA level modules undertaken as part of a Reflective Practice Conference held at Durham University in early January. The module comprise:

• Teaching and Learning

Self-Directed Study: A critique of educational research within a specific field
Professional Issues: Reflection on the development as a practitioner throughout the programme

Both PGCE and QTS are 1 year programmes, although some flexibility exists to personalise the programme.

Progress in the QTS is assessed through the collation of evidence by the trainee that demonstrate that classroom practice consistently meets the criteria set out in the eight standards. Evidence is collected through:
• Observation of professional practice
• The progress and attainment of pupils
• Quality of planning and assessment
• A range of qualitative evidence collected that demonstrate that standards have been achieved

For further information on teacher training programmes please use the following link:


The inspiring learning conference aims to bring together educators across China and beyond for research-based professional learning programmes designed to have impact in your classrooms and schools, many certified by Durham University. The four themes that run through the November 2018 conference provide opportunities for exploring inspiring learning through leadership, pedagogy and practice, bilingual contexts and recruitment.