Inaugural Inspiring Learning Conference

The Huili Education Institute of Learning (IoL) seeks to support the development of the Wellington College China and Huili Education schools along with contributing to the development of education in China more broadly. This will be achieved through the following:

  • IoL led research
  • Professional learning and training
  • Working with organisation beyond the Wellington and Huili group on education projects

One strand of professional learning and training opportunities offered by the IoL is the Inspiring Learning Conference, the first of which took place between 23rd to 26th November in Shanghai. The aim was to bring together educators from across China and beyond for research-based professional learning programmes designed for impact. The four themes of conference provided opportunities for exploring inspiring learning through leadership, pedagogy and practice, bilingual contexts and coaching.

Mr David Mansfield elaborates on the topic of Integrating East and West in the Classroom

Professor Feng delivered the speech on Developing Effective Models of Bilingual Education—Why, What and How.

The event attracted over 100 participants, most of whom came from across China and even further afield. Indeed, a small group came from as far afield as Malaysia, Thailand and the United Arab Emirates. The conference included keynote sessions led by world leaders in the fields of bilingual education in China, promoting creativity and critical thinking and creating school environments that inspire learning. Participants then engaged in a series of workshops relating to:

  • Early years education
  • School leadership
  • Promoting English language across the curriculum
  • Developing a bilingual curriculum
  • Educational research methods

Mr. David Judge introduced the topic on Inspiring Learning Environments

All aspects of the conference were extremely well received:

The conference, by far is the most informative and inspiring PD I have ever attended. So thank you. My colleague and I are absolutely interested in attending more conferences offered by Huili IoL.

The next inspiring learning conference will take place on 26th and 27th January in Tianjin. The themes will comprise:

  • Establishing effective assessment
  • Developing maths in the early years and primary
  • Independence
  • Research methods

For further information or to register, please scan the QR code below.

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