Inspiring Learning

The Huili Education Institute of Learning (IoL) seeks to support the development of the Wellington College China and Huili Education schools along with contributing to the development of education in China more broadly. This will be achieved through the following:

  • IoL led research
  • Professional learning and training
  • Working with organisation beyond the Wellington and Huili group on education projects

One strand of professional learning and training opportunities offered by the IoL is the Inspiring Learning Conference, the second iteration of which took place between 26th to 27th January in Tianjin supported by preceding events in Shanghai and Hangzhou. The aim was to bring together educators from across China for research-based professional learning programmes designed for impact.

The events attracted over 300 participants, who took part in workshops on:

  • Early years education
  • School leadership
  • Effective assessment practices
  • Enhancing the teaching of mathematics
  • Promoting independence
  • Coaching
  • Developing a bilingual curriculum
  • Educational research methods

These sessions were led by a range of visiting leaders in the field; for instance:

Professor Stuart Kime from Durham University/Evidence Based Education, a UK leader in assessment.

Helen Tate, a leader in promoting numeracy in early years education.

Iain Henderson, a Deputy Headmaster at Wellington College and leader in coaching.

Ian Taylor, leader of an award-winning mathematics programme.

All aspects of the conference were extremely well received.

“The leadership training was awesome. All leaders in schools in China should take part in this training.”

“The sessions at the conference have inspired me to change what I do. I definitely developed a new perspective on learning and teaching and have a plan for improving what I do when I return to school on Monday.”

“This is essential training for teachers from our schools. We look forward to the next event.”

“The Inspiring Learning Conference 2019 was really inspiring and enlightening! The sessions enabled me to think harder, think more on what I am working on and motivate me to move forward! Many thanks.”

“The exciting trip to the conference opened a new window for me to see that education from a different perspective; students as active learners with much potential and how to help them to become a better persons. It really inspired me.”

“The journey to the Inspiring Learning Conference makes me realise the extensive strength of British education and educators. The venue and content impressed me deeply. The workshops on education assessment, safeguarding and bilingual education are of a very high quality. It was definitely a productive and rewarding weekend.”

“I was especially inspired by the workshops on mathematics application in early years which totally broadened my view in this field. It allowed me to understand how mathematics is not just about functions, number or calculation, but exists everywhere in the daily life. I will apply this learning in my practice in school.”

“The Inspiring Learning Conference 2019 was really inspiring and enlightening! The lectures enable me to think harder, think more on what I am working on and motivate me to move forward! Many thanks!”

The next phase of professional learning and training offered by the IoL are a series of workshops in Shanghai, Tianjin and Hangzhou. To register for these events please scan the QR code below:

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