Institute of Learning developments: Introducing Prof. Rob Coe as Associate Director of Research

The Huili Education Institute of Learning (IoL) has been established to support the Wellington College China and Huili Education schools in becoming the leaders in the cities in which they serve pupils, perhaps the leaders in China and potentially global leaders. This is to be achieved through:

• High impact professional learning and training opportunities
• Research projects that inform practice and policy

The latter point is specifically important. It is our intention to move away from being informed by research conducted externally, initiative and best practice from institutions in other parts of the world. Instead our aim is to be the generators of research, initiative and contextual best practice. The IoL leads a number of high value research projects:

• Comparative analysis of leadership in Chinese and international schools
• The impact of pedagogical approach on pupil engagement; drawing on the application of AI technology
• Language acquisition in a range of bilingual models
• The impact of directly teaching for wellbeing and involvement on quality of teaching and standards of learning and development

To strengthen the quality of research undertaken so that it can transcend the boundaries from professional to academic journals, Professor Rob Coe has been appointed as Associate Director of Research.

Prof. Rob Coe

Robert Coe is Professor in the School of Education and Director of the Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM), Durham University. CEM is the largest educational research centre in a UK university and has provided assessment and monitoring systems to many thousands of schools since 1983. Well over a million children take our assessments every year in more than 40 countries; we are the largest provider of computer adaptive assessments outside the US. Moreover, Rob serves as a director for the Education Endowment Fund which leads research that has influenced education across the globe.

The areas of research that Prof. Rob Coe leads include:
• School effectiveness and improvement
• Evidence-based education, the nature of evidence and its role in influencing practice and policy
• Involvement of practitioners in research
• Evaluation designs
• Research methods
• Assessment and comparability

As the Associate Director of Research, Prof Rob Coe will provide advice, support and assist in the IoL strengthening and broadening its research focus so that not only will the Wellington College China and Huili schools be at the very cutting edge of education in their practice, but that education across China will benefit from this work.

Appointing a world leader in education to support the work of the IoL and the wider schools further affirms the commitment of the group to offering the very best education to pupils in China.

Recently, Rob Coe’s institution, Evidence Based Education has been honoured with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise. For more details, please find link below.

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