International Early Years Conference 2020 Is Coming

As an educator inearly education, are you interested in learning about innovative and evidence-based teaching approaches for assessment, planning, literacy and real outdoorplay in international and bilingual education?
As an educator in the early years, are you keen to know more about the key role of the adult and the difference between interacting or interfering when communicating with young children?
As an educator of young children, would you like to widen your network with others around the world and discuss topics such as mindfulness to using the theme of the Unique Child to improve progress and make learning more visible?

If so, there is a fantastic training and development opportunity designed for you on 15th& 16th Feb 2020. This Early Years Conference 2020, co-organised with the Council of British International School (COBIS) aims to gather early years educators together to learn from our workshop leads and the world renowned, Dr Julie Fisher.

During the conference, around 150 educators worldwide will gather together to discuss their practices in their regions. For instance, teachers from international schools in East China, the Middle East and Europe as well as teaching staff from different school campuses across Wellington Colleges China will come along and explore the current focus in their classroom teaching, educational leadership in the early years and how the strategic focus of our schools is adapting to meet the needs of international and multilingual children and families.

Dr Julie Fisher
We are incredibly lucky to have Dr Julie Fisher delivering not only our keynote speech but also Master classes across the 2 days to explore what is meant by “effective” adult-child interactions. She will consider the role of the adult in both adult-initiated and child-initiated situations, both indoors and out, with groups of children and with individual learners. Through the use of DVD footage from her own research and others, delegates will have the opportunity to reflect on their own teaching and the quality of the practice for which they are responsible. Dr Julie Fisher will open the event with a keynote speech on how the early years of learning underpin all that is to follow.  
The keynote will draw a unique analogy between the foundations of buildings and the foundations of learning and crystallises the necessity for both to be strong, flexible and deep for, otherwise, it is very expensive to underpin them later in a child`s educational career.

‘Interacting or Interfering?’ (2016)
As a well-known and respected author whose books include ‘Starting from the Child’ (4th edition 2013); ‘The Foundations of Learning’ (2002); ‘Moving Onto Key Stage One’ (2010) and ‘Interacting or Interfering?’ (2016), she will draw on her various research projects in early years education and encourage us to implement the results in our context. 
Key issues she will address are:
  • The importance of interactions for both children and their educators
  • The impact of the learning environment on the quality of interactions
  • How practitioners tune in to children’s current thinking in order to support and extend that thinking further
  • When intervention becomes interference and different strategies for challenging thinking in both adult-led and child-led situations
  • The personal attributes of those practitioners who are effective in supporting children’s thinking

1. To follow, there will be a series of inspirational workshops during the two-day event such as: Mindfulness and how it links to In the Moment and responsive planning,
2. The Wonder Wall approach and the use of provocations and invitations to support individual children`s interests,
3. Forest Beach schools and real outdoor learning
4. Inspirational practice for early English literacy
We will also be offering an opportunity to discuss the route to early years leadership and a World Café networking session.

Just over 100 places now are registered with limited availability. If you would like to attend, please do not wait to register and secure your place by scanning the QR code below.

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