Effective leadership is built on the following core principles:

  • An appreciation of yourself as a leader
  • The capacity to lead people and teams
  • Leadership of learning

The middle leadership: leading learning programme will offer participants an opportunity to explore each of the core principles in turn through a practical but research-based series of activities. This will be achieved through three distinct sessions. Session 1 will explore yourself as a leader by exploring current concepts in the features of effective leaders. The second session introduces current themes in leading people and teams effectively, whilst the final session challenges participants to reconceptualise what effective learning and teaching entails and then provides practical strategies for leading innovative and high-quality learning.

Importantly participants will apply the professional learning from each of the sessions through a structured and high impact application project. The application project is designed to support the participant in setting and achieving learning focused goals through the application of learning from the three sessions.

Professional learning will be further supported by access to a wide range of resources and reading material coupled with being connected with follow participants as part of a professional learning community.

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