New Breakthroughs from Huili Institute of Learning

The Huili Institute of learning (IoL) is committed to strengthening education across Wellington College China (WCC) and contributing to education reform in China through strategic alliances with local education in Shanghai and Hangzhou. Work in the latter field has recently been recognised at a number of levels:
  • In late January, Wellington College China’s Institute of Learning was invited to the Chinese New Year reception for United Kingdom Education Partners held by the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom
  • The Institute became the only member of Pudong Education’s external ‘think tank’ focused on the opening-up of education and its reform to come from an international education group
  • Deepened collaboration with Durham University
Recent achievements of the IoL are welcomed as evidence of WCC’s commitment to facilitating further education exchange with education in China.
H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming speaks at the Chinese New Year reception for United Kingdom Education Partners
The Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom held a Chinese New Year reception for United Kingdom Education Partners, inviting more than 300 Chinese and British representatives from education, culture, media, and business sectors. Wellington College China was the only education group invited to the event.
Dr Ahmed Hussain, the Executive Director of Huili Institute of Learning and an Associate Professor of Durham University, attended the reception on behalf of WCC. Mr Wang Yongli, the Minister Counsellor for Education Affairs of the Chinese Embassy had a cordial conversation with Dr Ahmed Hussain during which he recognised and applauded the contribution of IOL to the education industry in China.
At the reception, H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming gave a speech titled ‘Lose No Time in Seizing Opportunities and Write a New Chapter of China-United Kingdom Educational Cooperation’. Inspired by the Year of the Rat, during the speech he described the education exchange progress of China and Britain with “reciprocity,” “achievement,” and “trust.” The Ambassador believed that China and the United Kingdom have made great progress in these three aspects over the past year.
The education exchange between China and Britain benefits both countries immensely, as they are learning from each other openly and earnestly. Wellington College China reaps the benefits of exchange initiatives between the two countries and as such is always keen to engage in research and development that will benefit education in both countries.
As China and Britain celebrate their fifth anniversary of this ‘Golden Era’ of partnership, we hope educators who are reading this article will seize all opportunities they encounter during the Year of the Rat. Let us come together and grow more golden fruits of knowledge in this inspiring era of education exchange!
2. The Executive Director of Huili Institute of Learning became a member of a Pudong Education ‘think tank’  focused on the opening-up of education and its reform

2020 Expert Consultation Meeting for Pudong Education
Photo credit: Pudong Institute of Education Development
On 10th January, Shanghai Pudong Education Bureau facilitated the 2020 Expert Consultation Meeting for Pudong Education, inviting experts from several renowned education institutions in Shanghai to attend, including Shanghai Normal University, International Education Association Shanghai, Centre for Education Development Research of the Education Bureau, and New York University Shanghai. The meeting aimed to help facilitate education modernisation throughout the Pudong area.
Wellington College China is included in this prestigious ‘think tank’ through Dr Ahmed Hussain, the Executive Director of Huili Institute of Learning, who was invited as the only international representative. The Shanghai Pudong Education Bureau applauded the Institute as well as Dr Ahmed Hussain’s contribution to Pudong’s education industry and proposed future opportunities for their work.
Mrs Zhu Huihua, the Education Party Committee Secretary of New Area, Pudong, and Head of the Education Bureau, stated the objective of setting up the Pudong Education External Think Tank is to invite experts to discuss and develop strategies for public school education in Pudong.
3. Further cooperation between the Institute of Learning and Durham University
Durham University is one of the top universities in the United Kingdom. Its School of Education is ranked first for research impact, and the university is considered one of the biggest education contributors in the United Kingdom and internationally.
The IoL strives to improve learning, teaching, and leadership across WCC schools, while simultaneously promoting education innovation and development in China. To further the latter goal, the IoL began collaborating with local institutions such as East China Normal University, Shanghai Municipal Education Commission, and Hangzhou Municipal Education Bureau. Collaborations like these allow Wellington College China to affirm its place as a unique institution in the education industry and gain recognition from other institutions around the world.
In early 2020, Dr Ahmed Hussain, the Executive Director of the IoL, was appointed as an Associate Professor by the School of Education, Durham University.

Dr Ahmed Hussain speaks at the inaugural ceremony for the Pudong Wellington Curriculum and Research Alliance in 2018
Wellington College China looks forward to further successes for the Institute of Learning in the coming year!

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