Wellington College China provide access to Qualified Teacher Status (QTS), the qualification required to serve as a teacher in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. This qualification is recognised by education systems across the globe.

It is a 1-year programme but designed to be flexible to meet the needs of each trainee. The ITE programme comprise the aspect below: Professional

Professional Component (QTS)

The professional component is entirely school-based and comprises elements as follows:

  • Induction
  • Initial Observation Period (IOP)
  • Professional Training: Ongoing programme delivered by school-based staff
  • Teaching Experience (TE): TE1 (at least 4 weeks) & TE2 (at least 10 weeks)
  • Assessment Only phase

Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) China

The structure and content of the professional component is developed by Wellington College China and quality assured by Durham University. It is essential that trainees satisfactorily satisfy the standards set out in the professional component in order to meet the requirements for QTS and PGCE.

The standards used to gauge performance of a trainee are aligned to professional Standards used by training teachers in England, Wales and Northern Ireland coupled.

Evidence against all the standards will be recorded in a portfolio and reflective journal through set tasks that build up during the programme.

Throughout the professional component, typically trainees operate in the capacity of a teaching assistant, but transition into the teacher role during phases in both teacher experience. As such the professional component comprises a full-time programme and follows the standard work time set out by the school in which the trainee is placed. For some trainees, they continue their practice as teachers in the school in which they are based.