Research Methods


The aim of this module is to empower educators to make evidence informed decisions on their practice and not rely directly on policy, fad or unsupported assertions. The module also provides participants with the tools to evaluate the impact of interventions and strategies implemented at a class, department or whole school level.

The desired outcomes for the module are:
1. Establish the importance of evidence-based practice
2. Introduce the principles of research methodology
3. Apply the principles to a given case study
4. Plan to implement a research project

The programme will be delivered through three sessions that initially introduce the importance of evidence informed teaching and then support participants in the planning, implementation and evaluation of a research project. Professional learning is supported using practical examples, case studies and access to a rage of easy to use resources. Access to a professional learning community to offer shared learning and experience will further drive professional learning and impact.

The outcome will be transformational in terms of how participants view their role as educators and how they drive forward learning and teaching in the context of their school.

The product from each research project will be presented as a final report that will be considered for publication in the Journal of International and bilingual education that is reviewed by Durham University.

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